Lunes, Disyembre 3, 2012

Pablo PH

Its a miracle! Or something. I really thought that our school wouldn't suspend classes. But lo and and behold! No class!
They should. Everyone's getting really worried.. I know i am.. Yes, im scared of thunders and lightings. They make my heart jump, skip a bit, and all that shit. And i dont like it. Not even a bit.
So having no class doesn't mean that i get to spend all day in bed, rolling around and feeling like a worm. No. Because every time im in bed, my pillow whispers this: "study, study, study".. And if i dont listen, well, i usually do..
Bummer cause i cant go out of my room! I need coffee!!! 3 more stickers til that starbucks planner.. Weeee!!! 👏

Biyernes, Nobyembre 30, 2012

Between You and Me

Fighting with you was exhausting. Fighting with you was petty. Fighting with you isn't that nice at all..

I missed you. Missed talking to you. Missed making fun of you. Yes, i missed that a lot. Cause i know that you wont take it seriously.. But I'm really bothered. With everyone telling me, asking me if there's something there.. Then, there's that feeling again.. A feeling of wanting to know if its possible.. A feeling of wanting to know, what if?

What if you like me? What if you'll make me feel the feeling i didn't get from the past? The feeling of something more? The feeling of being someone better? Of feeling simply better? Not like crap, not like being used.. Not like its me and you against the world. Cause im fuckin' tired of that..

I want something i can show to the world. Something i can be proud of..

Martes, Hulyo 19, 2011

Its Tuesday, Tuesday..

i think im gonna make a blog somewhere else. i don't know how this thing works. I CAN'T SEARCH FOR RANDOM PERSONS! :|

First Exam: CRAPPY yet nice :)

the crappy part was the lab exam, where we were asked to identify some pictures (location, cell types present, and name of tissue). but, there was one question that appeared 5 times that i didn't know how to answer. :| 
d. matrix tissue is found

good thing bout our histology exam, I GOT THE HIGHEST GRADE in the written part! OHYEAH! lets celebrate with a yummy pancit canton and bread. :)

Lunes, Hulyo 18, 2011

Goodnight awesome world!

i need to go back to my notes. IT'S CALLING ME! :| see you tom, my bitter sweet blog life :*

Prelim Exams :|

Here we go! Its the first exam of my last year as a BS Biology student. I HOPE! I was really doing well last year. But, I don't know what happened to me. Suddenly, my grades started to suck. and it sucked! im that kind of student who haven't failed ever since she was in grade one. AND, having this kind of grades now really makes me feel sooo depressed. --> one of the reasons im starting this blog.


Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successfull personality and duplicate it. ~Bruce Lee 

Born in the Blog world

okay. so I'm not a blogger. until now. i wanted to express my self more, so i'm gonna try this. 

One main problem i'm having with my self is that i really don't know how to talk to my friends or my family about the problems i'm having. Some say that its unhealthy. i say, IT'S JUST THE WAY I AM. DEAL WITH IT. :|

In conclusion (just like how a biology student would end her lab reports), I am this awesome creature. a chick. NEW TO THIS WORLD. yeah.