Lunes, Disyembre 3, 2012

Pablo PH

Its a miracle! Or something. I really thought that our school wouldn't suspend classes. But lo and and behold! No class!
They should. Everyone's getting really worried.. I know i am.. Yes, im scared of thunders and lightings. They make my heart jump, skip a bit, and all that shit. And i dont like it. Not even a bit.
So having no class doesn't mean that i get to spend all day in bed, rolling around and feeling like a worm. No. Because every time im in bed, my pillow whispers this: "study, study, study".. And if i dont listen, well, i usually do..
Bummer cause i cant go out of my room! I need coffee!!! 3 more stickers til that starbucks planner.. Weeee!!! 👏

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